Agreement with Tesco gives Yearsley customers ‘a little help’

An initiative between Yearsley Group and Tesco is helping save more than 140,000 empty running road miles per year.

Yearsley Group customers in the South West are taking advantage of a sustainable delivery programme into one of Tesco’s largest national distribution centres, after an agreement between the two companies. Manufacturers delivering into Tesco’s Daventry frozen NDC, who store at Yearsley Group’s Bristol depot, are contributing towards carbon saving initiatives.

The agreement sees Tesco trucks deployed from Daventry to retail outlets in the South West, return via Yearsley Group’s Bristol depot to collect products destined for the Daventry NDC. This backhaul by Tesco vehicles saves up to 110 waste road miles per journey, and reduces the number of dedicated deliveries from Yearsley Group’s Bristol store to Daventry, an estimated 1,350 times per year.

It also enables suppliers in the South East to reduce their own road miles, by delivering into the closer Yearsley depot rather than travelling up to Daventry in Northamptonshire.

Harry Yearsley, managing director of Yearsley Group, said: “The scheme offers savings to manufacturers by reducing their own road miles. It also provides Tesco and Yearsley Group with significant benefits in terms of reducing waste miles, enabling more efficient use of vehicles and reducing the frequency of other vehicle deliveries into its own frozen NDC. As a logistics specialist, Yearsley Group is in the ideal position to facilitate consolidation such as this and it is this sort of partnership working which is allowing us to achieve the twin aims of improving service for our customers and reducing our own carbon emissions.”

Yearsley Group is a Tesco Primary Approved provider for consolidation throughout its national network, and is working with the retailer to explore which other routes offer similar potential.

Yearsley Group consolidates stock from hundreds of manufacturers in its national network of 12 cold stores, enabling customers to reduce their own storage requirements. And with a fleet of more than 300 temperature controlled vehicles, Yearsley Group is also able to offer both collection of products and distribution into the UK’s largest retailers and food service providers any time of the day or night, providing a 24-hour, seven day delivery capability.

All customers have access to Yearsley Group’s bespoke warehouse management system NetStock, enabling real time review of all stock stored within the Yearsley Group network. Yearsley Group also offers a Vendor Management service giving swift access to manufacturers storing their raw materials in their local cold store and place specific orders as required.

The Group’s environmental commitment includes reduction in empty running and waste road miles, increased consolidation of loads, use of energy saving measures and the installation renewable power sources at its cold stores.

To contact the Bristol cold store please call 01275 374 971 or go to

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