Yearsley Logistics Launches New Driver App

Yearsley Logistics has developed a new fully driver centric app for use by HGV drivers into its 4000 delivery destinations throughout the UK.

Dealing with deliveries in one of the major headaches in the logistic sector.  Timely and accurate deliveries are key to ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.  Tim Moran commented, ‘We wanted an app that was intuitive, simple and didn’t require extensive training prior to use but offered all the functionality of a modern ePOD solution, ’

Known as YGPod, the app allows drivers to access all important delivery information on a stand-alone app for use on IOS and android devices.  The purchase of more than 250 hand held devices sees the app being rolled out this summer.

YGPod was developed by Yearsley Logistics in-house IT team. Each driver has their own personalised unit making the delivery process more efficient.  The easy to use driver app goes through a step-by-step process enabling drivers to register vehicle inspections, manage route details, and provide live delivery updates plus proof of delivery with the tap of a button.

It has been specially developed and interfaced with our booking and routing programmes allowing sales, planners and drivers to work cohesively.  It allows for real time tracking meaning driver and back office no longer have to wait until debrief for critical data capture, dismantling a process that can take hours.

Tim continues, ‘As innovators in the industry, we were keen to provide our drivers with a high level of convenience whilst giving our customers accurate, up to date information on their delivery, a win-win for both.’


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