Icepak Exhibiting IFE For The First Time 2015

2015 marks IcePak’s first year exhibiting at IFE.  As the UK’s largest and most respected food and drink event IFE presents the perfect opportunity to showcase Icepak’s huge range of seafood, poultry and meat

IcePak have recently expanded their sales team to ensure their vast product range is available UK wide to wholesalers, fishmongers and restaurants. The wide range caters to all tastes – including over thirty types of prawns, from sea water, fresh water and farmed king prawns to cold water and warm water prawns, together with specialities such as mussels and New Zealand stargazer, and household favourites like breaded scampi.  IcePak also specialise in poultry, whole birds to breast fillets, plus a range of game, beef and pork products.

IcePak Sales Director, Ian King, commented, “In the Seafood market reliability of stock and the quality of product are two of the most important elements. 90% of our products come direct from suppliers that we have personally vetted and we import from over 25 countries worldwide from China to Chile to Canada. Being part of the Yearsley Group means IcePak has access to a vast storage capacity at 13 depots throughout the UK and a fleet of over 300 vehicles.  This enables products to be purchased in bulk, ensuring supply and the best value for money to their customers.”

Ian continued, “With our strengthened sales team, we are looking to further develop the frozen seafood, meat and poultry market providing new and existing customers with the products they want, when they want them and at the right price We see exhibiting at IFE as a the springboard to achieving this.”

Acquired in 2011, IcePak is Yearsley Group’s specialist seafood importer. Working with suppliers overseas, IcePak sources a range of seafood products from whole and filleted fish, to fresh, battered and breaded prawn and other specialties. Customers include restaurants, wholesalers, independent retailers and seafood specialists.

IcePak is part of Yearsley Group’s food sales division, which also incorporates Belfield and Yearsley Food Sales which, between them, offer more than 1,500 individual product lines and one of the most extensive portfolios of ethnic certified products in the UK.

Being a part of the Yearsley Group allows access to a vast storage capacity of 13 depots throughout the UK and a fleet of over 300 varied use vehicles. This enables products to be purchased in bulk, ensuring surety of supply and value for money in changing climates.

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