Yearsley Logistics Invests in Health & Safety

Yearsley Logistics have recently installed more Thermaster high-speed freezer doors from SAFE-door Industries at their Belle Eau Park cold store enhancing health and safety due to the lack of ice and snow on the cold store walls and floors.

Traditional frozen storage to loading dock solutions utilise solid panel sliding doors which are generally open for the duration of the loading or unloading process, typically up to 60 minutes. Whilst the door is open the only separation between the frozen storage chamber and the outside world is a set of dock seals which may at best offer a little resistance to the exfiltration air.

However, in most instances there is clear daylight either above the truck or at the side of the dock leveller, perfect positions for warm moist air to sweep in and for cold dense drier air to fall out. Given that these gaps will remain as flow paths until the inner door is closed after the process has completed, it is easy to imagine the volume of cold air lost from the cold store and the volume of warm moist air that has been allowed to enter.

It is this warm moist air entering the cold store which freezes to form ice and snow on walls and floors, creating a very real safety hazard for slips and falls to potentially happen. And as well as health and safety, there is also the store temperature variance to think about – the influx of warm moist air creates additional load on refrigeration plant to regulate the store temperature.

To overcome this, the Thermaster from SAFE-door Industries takes the place of the solid panel doors and allows the loading or unloading process to be undertaken in the same time but with the open-door period reduced typically by a factor of 10, meaning much less warm moist air entering the store. This means less ice and snow build up and lower loads on the refrigeration plant.

The Thermaster door is a twin fabric high-speed rolling door which operates at speeds of up to 2 metres per second and provides a highly effective seal to all four sides of the opening. The air between the fabrics is conditioned to ensure that an effective thermal barrier is maintained between the two curtains and therefore acts as the insulation. In addition to this, a trace heating system is integrated into the door frame which ensures that the door structure is thermally broken and eliminates any possibility of ice build-up in the door legs or head.

For additional safety, the Thermaster is fitted as standard with 2 metre high self-monitoring light guards to both sides of the opening, which ensures that there is no possibility of a closing door striking an object. Manufactured from heavy duty galvanised steel and polyester powder coated as standard, the Thermaster is built to last and engineered to minimise maintenance needs.

Yearsley Logistics has installed nearly 30 Thermaster doors from SAFE-door Industries across a number of their sites throughout the UK, and the improvements to health and safety, fridge plant load and defrost cycles have been welcomed by all.

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