Young’s Seafood Hooked on Yearsley Logistics

Yearsley Logistics has unveiled a number of Young’s Seafood branded trucks that will be seen on the roads across the country.  The vehicles will serve Grimsby factories on a ‘Just in Time’ basis to provide raw materials and packaging as well as the distribution of finished products including their bestselling Chip Shop battered fish fillets and The Funky Fish Kitchen range to all major retailers and wholesalers.

Tim Moran, Logistics director said, ‘We have worked hard to establish and build long term relationships with British suppliers.  The partnership with Young’s Seafood reinforces our passion to work alongside local, recognisable brands that make a regular appearance on every dinner table in the UK.’

Yearsley Logistics store over 16,000 pallets, handle around 81,000 loads per year and oversees VMI solutions for Young’s raw materials and packaging.  An additional service also supplied to Young’s Seafood is an onsite raw material sampling area at the Grimsby depot.

Tim Moran, Logistics Directors said, “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Young’s Seafood.  We have jointly established a strong and controllable supply chain solution which fits both business and environmental targets.  Our online solution, Netstock, provides full visibility and control over stock, matching Young’s supply chain requirements.  We have also looked at back hauling services to reduce food miles and costs.  All of these factors have strengthened our effectiveness and relationship with Young’s which in turn has led to this extended 5 year agreement.”

Young’s Seafood, commented, “Having worked with Yearsley Logistics for a number of years we are confident in their ability to provide cost effective and efficient logistics operations with progressive and flexible solutions.  A fleet of branded trucks is an added bonus, creating market awareness for Young’s Seafood and reaffirming our partnership with Yearsley Logistics.”



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